Discovering The Two Best Poker Players In Asia

Chips, Gambling, Casino, Win, Game, LuckIn Asia, there is no shortage of poker enthusiasts since the majority of them dominate the tournaments organized all over the world. The selection includes renowned players who stand out for their performance and their way of playing. Two names stand out: John Juanda and Elton Tsang .

John Juanda, an impressive track record

Indonesian John Juanda remains one of the most successful players in his career. In the ranking, he is ranked 10th among the best players on the planet. Enough to demonstrate the skills and know-how of the latter during the competitions. As a prize, he has won nearly $ 24 million in the tournaments he has participated in in recent years. Regarding his career, he spent his childhood in Indonesia before flying to the United States to continue his studies at the University of Oklahoma. He is passionate about poker and decides to turn professional. It goes without saying that he made the right decision as he has won the WSOP five times and claimed victory in five different poker variations. An exceptional performance which earned him the highest prize in the World Series of Poker. In all, he pocketed a sum of $ 1,580,096. He continues to participate in tournaments accumulating seven-figure winnings. For example, in 2012, he managed to climb to fifth place in the Super High Roller and won the Main Event 2015. Enough to motivate the player.

Elton Tsang, a meteoric progression

Poker, Online Poker, Casino, GamblingBorn in Vancouver, Elton Tsang chose the city of Hong Kong to explore new horizons and seize business opportunities. Through his perseverance, he became a renowned player and built a reputation as a world class poker player. His popularity increased after his victory at the Monte-Carlo One Drop Extravaganza in 2016. During this tournament, he managed to accumulate a gain of 12,248,912 dollars. This award remains the largest amount ever won by an Asian poker player. As a result of this huge gain, he preserves his place at the top and continues to stand out from his opponents.

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